How to French Braid Hair?


The French braid is a classic and stunning hairstyle. The learning curve is steep and practice is essential, but the results are worth it.
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1. Start out with smooth hair so that it is easier to work with. Take a 2 inch section of the hair on top of the head. 2. Use your fingers to divide the section of hair into 3 equal
1 seperate hair into three parts at the crown 2 preform one normal braid 3 add a strand of hair into the section that is going to be braided next 4 keep adding hair in 5 when at the
Remove tangles from hair before beginning the French braid. Take a 3-inch-long by
Want to learn how to French braid ? It is simple, yet elegant and these braids provide just the right look for either a casual fun look or a classic style with the most elegant of
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How Do You French Braid Hair?
French braiding hair is a process of braiding very close the scalp, overlapping three pieces of hair over each other and gradually picking up more pieces of hair from the scalp. Create a clean French braid with beauty tips from an experienced hairstylist... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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To French braid your own hair with pigtails, separate your hair into two sections. Gather the center of the section of hair and begin to braid it normally. After ...
To french braid short hair, you brush all your hair back and start at the top with three strands of hair. And as you go down with your braid, you keep adding little ...
To braid short hair, you will need to do a French braid style. With this style of braiding, new pieces of hair are gathered and incorporated into the braid as ...
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