How to Freshen Stale Nuts?


Nuts have a shelf life of several months. Those left in their shells will stay fresh longer than those that have been removed and dried. If the fats in the nuts turn rancid, they are no longer edible. However, if they seems to have just lost their flavor or freshness you can restore some of that flavor in stale nuts by light roasting them in an oven at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.
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1. Fold a closed cigar box containing the stale cigar inside of a damp towel. This allows the moisture to seep into the box and re-moisten the cigar. Leave this for several days or
350 degrees for ten minutes.
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put a slice of fresh bread in the container w/the cookies and it will make them soft again. same w/brown sugar. i mean you can put a slice of fresh bread in the container w/brown
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