How do you fund a youth center?


You can fund a youth center by writing grants or seeking donations. To be able to accept tax exempt donations and get grants, you must have 501-C3 status.
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1. Stage a car wash. Pick a busy section of road and a building with a parking lot facing it. Ask a business on a main street in your area to donate the space. Ask kids to work in
Primarily the project was paid through bonds and a loan the City of St. Paul took from the State of MN. The project was more than the X, it also included the Roy Wilken's Auditorium
I don't know SA at all so presuming a lot: first talk to any other agency or youth centre doing similar work. Determine what resources you have and what else is needed: money, premises
Youth centers provide a place for kids to go to keep them off the streets. You can help make a difference in your community by starting a youth center. Simply follow these guidelines
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