How can I add two inches to my arms?


To gain two inches or about five centimetres on your arm, one should do perform hyperplasia inducing workouts. These types of workouts are designed to increase the size of the arm in a short period and may be dangerous if they are not performed properly.
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You should do an adequate amount of leg and glute workouts such as lunges and squats; but try variety there are many different types of lunges and many different types of squats.
To gain muscle, train them two to three times a
ohh i kno i kno, my arms are bigger than my legs, do bar curls, concetrated curls, sitdown and incline dumbell curls. and do sitting up curls. thats all bieceps. do heavy. one day
I am training to lose fat since the beginning of this year. So far I lost 25lb and 4 inches of my waistline but when I measured my waist line I have added on almost 2 inches. I ..
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