How do you gain 30 pounds in 30 days?


There a few different ways that someone trying to gain thirty pounds in thirty days could do it. One way would be to over eat on all the fatty foods that you can find.
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1. Increase the portion size of your meals. For instance, this may involve you adding an extra egg for breakfast, an extra scoop of pasta, rice, or an extra piece of meat for lunch
1 Buy yourself a blender. The preferred one is the vitamix. However, the vitamix is very expensive and if you cannot afford it that's fine. Just remember to add extra water and blend
Just 30 pounds or 30 pounds of muscle? If it's just 30 pounds it's very simple, eat fast food everyday and as many times as you can, eat a lot of calorie dense foods like nuts, fatty
Eat 3500 extra calories per day. If you added a very large, thick milkshake (like a McDonald's triple thick milkshake) to each meal, that would get you there.
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That's easy. Simply eat everything in sight all day long until you are so full you cannot move. Eat sweet things, fat filled food, and follow it with soda pop and you are sure to gain weight fast.
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