How to Get 100 Rare Candies?


You can get 100 rare candies in a Pokemon game by using Pick Up and Action Replay. You can also get them in the subways by using battle points. Cheat codes are also available for different stages of the game if you have a game shark.
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buy them.
The Action Replay Code: Rare Candy x999 94000130 fcff0000
1. Check local specialty shops. Most cities and some towns have large candy shops. These are a great places to find imported candy and chocolate. The clerks can also help you by making
1 Be sure you have done the following. Already beat the eight Gym Leaders. Already beat the Elite Four Already have been to the Battle Frontier Have at least 1 Rare Candy Ad 2 Fly
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To get 100 rare candies in Pokemon Red, simply place the rare candy on the 6th slot of the item list. Fly to Virdian city and locate the man who is having a coffee ...
To get 100 rare candies on Pokemon Sapphire, travel through routes 110, 120, 0r 123. You can also do so by going to Viridian City where you will be taught lessons ...
i got every single cheat code for emerald, but I've written it on a book. i can't tell u about codes . i just want u to watch these videos I've seen al 100 episodes ...
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