How do you get 10,000 coins on "Club Penguin"?


To get 10000 coins on club penguin, you will first go to the coffee shop and then click on Play Beans when moving towards it. Next, click on the home button that is on the bottom of the screen where a pop-up dialog appears on the game screen. After that, start the bean game until it is over and then click on the 'X' as many times to get the value of the coins that you want.
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If your an HONEST PENGUIN user you would make coins best by: spend it on hows items. ask other peoples password. play puffle round up. Please be an appropriate penguin user - don't
1. Go to Club Penguin (see Resources below) and open an account if you don't already have one. Click on the "Play Now" link. 2. Pick a server you'd like to go on. The servers
Like most games you just have to be patient, play games, and not spend any until you have extra coins to spend. The easiest thing to do is find a game you're good at and like to play
1. Click on the Lime Green penguin from the "Cart Surfer" menu. This penguin goes the fastest and will allow you to get the most coins the quickest. 2. Perform either the
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To get a million coins on club penguin follow the following procedures, first go to the coffee shop, and then click on java bag to be able to play bean counter ...
Play Puffle Round Up in the Pet Shop for easy money. The key is to work as quickly as possible, since your coins are calculated by the number of puffles you catch ...
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