How do you get 10,000 coins on "Club Penguin"?


To get 10000 coins on club penguin, you will first go to the coffee shop and then click on Play Beans when moving towards it. Next, click on the home button that is on the bottom of the screen where a pop-up dialog appears on the game screen. After that, start the bean game until it is over and then click on the 'X' as many times to get the value of the coins that you want.
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The best way to get more coins on Club Penguin is by playing games, the more games you play, the more coins. Be very careful on trying cheat codes because you can get banned from
What I do is play Pizzatron, Cart Surfer, Puffle Roundup or DJ3K.
1. Go to Club Penguin (see Resources below) and open an account if you don't already have one. Click on the "Play Now" link. 2. Pick a server you'd like to go on. The servers
1 Get on Club Penguin and get ready to waddle . Make sure you are allowed on it! (Optional) Either through the website or by a Club Penguin gamecard (you can get them at your local
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To get a million coins on club penguin follow the following procedures, first go to the coffee shop, and then click on java bag to be able to play bean counter ...
Play Puffle Round Up in the Pet Shop for easy money. The key is to work as quickly as possible, since your coins are calculated by the number of puffles you catch ...
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