How to Get a Crook out of Your Neck?


Waking up with a crick in your neck is really annoying and painful. You can try letting hot water hit that area in the shower. Once warmed up, slowly stretch your neck in every direction. Apply gentle pressure with your hand on our head, helping it tilt in the direction that will stretch out the sore muscles the best. Do this throughout the day. A heating pad can provide some comfort as well.
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A crook in the neck is a pain you get in your neck from doing thing...
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To get a crook out of your neck you need to apply some heat. Use the shower or a heating pad. Once your neck is warmed up, tilt your head to one side. Lay your hand on your head and apply some slow, gentle pressure to the stretch. Repeat the direction. Do this a few times and your neck should feel better.
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