How do I get a dark tan using a tanning bed?


To get a dark tan using a tanning bed, tan on a regular schedule and use skin products specifically made for tanning. You should not use baby oil, which damages tanning beds and puts you at risk for burning.

To darken your tan, use a tanning bed for as long as you can without burning, and gradually increase this time if your skin will tolerate it. You can also try using a higher intensity tanning bed. You will only need 2-3 sessions per week once you have developed a base tan.

Apply an accelerator lotion before tanning, which will activate the melanin in your skin and make you tan more quickly. Use an after-tan lotion at least twice a day, to moisturize your skin and enhance the look of your tan.

You can also try a tanning lotion with added bronzer. This will add a layer of cosmetic color on top of your tan. There are also moisturizers, lotions, and makeup products that act as bronzers. These products are a good way to darken your tan without additional exposure to tanning beds or the sun.

While you should never use baby oil before using a tanning bed, it can be applied afterward. The oil will moisturize your skin and improve the look of your tan.

By combining these tanning products with safer tanning practices, you can achieve a darker tan in a tanning bed.

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How to Get a Dark Tan in a Tanning Bed
Getting a dark tan in a tanning bed means using a lotion to help the process of absorbing the color of light. Find out how to use a bronzing lotion for a dark tan with help from the manager of a tanning salon in this free video on getting a dark tan.... More »
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