How to Get a Dark Tan in a Tanning Bed?


In order to get a dark tan at a tanning bed you'll have to visit it often. Don't immediately start out at the longest time. Go in for a few minutes each time and then slowly increase the time you are in the bed.
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1. Tan consistently for six to eight sessions within a span of two weeks. Develop a good tan base. If you have a hard time tanning, you may have to have sessions separated by no more
1. Go to your local tanning salon and ask about the programs they have. Most salons have a variety of beds available with many packages to choose from: Low pressure. This is the traditional
You hve to find a Jamaican tanning booth.
Put on some tanning lotion and go out side is the
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How to Get a Dark Tan in a Tanning Bed
Getting a dark tan in a tanning bed means using a lotion to help the process of absorbing the color of light. Find out how to use a bronzing lotion for a dark tan with help from the manager of a tanning salon in this free video on getting a dark tan.... More »
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You want to make sure you are getting tanned evenly in a tanning bed otherwise you may look ridiculous. Also, need to make sure you are being very safe. Tanning ...
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To get a perfect tan from a tanning bed will take time. I have learned you need to visit them more than once. Go in your bathing suit or with nothing on makes ...
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