How to Get a Dent out of a Car?


This depends on how severe the damage is and where the dent is. You can try a endless amount of methods. Dry ice is known to help in removing dents as well as air dusters. For more information see here: ;
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1. "Suck out" the dents with a plunger. This is an old and pretty reliable method. Place the plunger over the center portion of the dent and push in, just as you would for
In order to know how much it costs to repair a car dent you will need to specify several different factors such as the person that would be repairing the dent, the make and model
Dents. It depends. If you know who did it or you witnessed who did it, get their insurance information. If you did it well you know the answer to that.
1 Make sure the area is small enough that you can cover it with standard piece of printer paper or smaller. Ad
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There are a few methods you can use. Certainly the first and easiest method is to take your car to a body shop mechanic who will get the dents out for you. You ...
You can try to get a dent out of your car by working it out from the backside. Use a rubber mallet to work the dent out. Work the top of the dent with your fingers ...
Magnetic dent pullers are usually used to get dents off from a car. You will simply locate the dent on your car. Then place the magnet on the dent and pull on ...
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