How do you get a distribution deal?


To get a distribution deal, you must effectively showcase your products and services. This requires high-end demonstrations to selected distribution companies. In addition, you must cite the benefits of your product to the general public. This can lead to new opportunities, including regional and national distribution deals.
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In order to get a record deal someone must first hear you music. Make a demo of your music. Get more information and submit your music to.
To get a distribution deal find distributers and send samples of your product.
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Getting a distribution deal from a major label is a hard thing to do. You have to submit your material to them and if they like it, they might sign you. If they don't, you will just be another drop in the bucket. Another way you could get a deal is if you know someone that would hand deliver the material to the executives of the label. This won't guarantee a deal, but it will help get your foot in the door.
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