How to Get a Divorce in One State When Your Spouse Lives in Another State?


The initial steps to file for divorce are the same regardless of where your spouse lives. You must petition the court or county for the divorce and then have your spouse served with the petition. You can hire a process server to serve the papers to your spouse by calling the Sheriff's office in the county where your spouse resides. They will charge you a small fee and your spouse will then be served and made aware that you have filed for divorce and their presence is requested on court. The process server will mail you proof that your spouse has been served and that will be money well spent. Good luck.
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1. Establish residency before filing, especially if you have moved to a new state to get away from your soon-to-be-ex spouse. Some states require you to live there for six months
In most countries it is usually the same process. You must file for divorce in France and they will require that you serve them with the divorce papers and this is accomplished with
just call a lawyer. They'll be happy to assist you in taking your money. Anyways hope you enjoyed that wasteful experience known as marriage.
1 Write a letter to them. Get paper and a pencil/pen and start writing out your feelings to them. As if they were right there talking to you. Ad
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1. Determine whether you qualify to file. If you or your spouse has lived in Florida for the past six continuous months, you can file for divorce in the state. ...
In my personal experience it does not matter what state your spouse lives in, or even if they are in prison, if you want to get a divorce. All you have to do is ...
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