How do you get a good tan on a sun bed?


The best way for a person to get a good tan while laying on a sun bed is to put her arms up, over her head, for the first half of the session. Then, she should move her arms down and rest them at her sides for the rest of the tanning session.

A sun bed, also called a tanning bed, looks like a capsule with rows of lights inside the top and bottom. The bottom of the sun bed remains stationary; this is where a person lies down. The top of the sun bed is then pulled down over the person. When the machine is on, all the bulbs light up and emit ultraviolet rays to induce a suntan. Ultraviolet rays are naturally emitted by the sun, which cause a sunburn or tan when a person is subject to these rays for a prolonged period of time. People use sun beds to get a tan when they cannot be outside, such as during the winter, inclement weather or at night.

There are some benefits to using a sun bed, including the ability to obtain a tan any time of the year. There are many more disadvantages to using a sun bed. The FDA states that using a sun bed will damage a person's skin and lead to premature aged skin and cancer. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) reports that the deadliest form of skin cancer, melanoma, is linked to using sun beds and getting severe sunburns. In July 2009, sun beds were categorized as carcinogenic to humans, which is the highest cancer risk category.

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How to Get a Good Tan on a Sunbed
Tanning in a sunbed can help you get an even tan without any tan lines. However, sunbed tanning can leave you with white spots in pressure areas or with lines in unusual places that usually would not appear when tanning outdoors. In order to get a good... More »
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