How to Get a Married Man to Leave His Wife?


There are women that believe there are ways to get a married man to leave his wife. They try to coax a married man away by being overly attentive, or by using sex. Ultimately, if a cheating husband left his wife for you, you need to ask if you could ever trust him.
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I'm an adult so ill give you an adult answer- And boyyy do I have news for you. If he has been telling you this B.S. about her refusing to divorce him for 2 yrs! And because of that
Children should always come first when a married couple is having problems. They either seek marriage counseling and give it their best shot to save the marriage for the sake of their
The divorce rate in
theres alot of ways u could do it, but once reality sets in and he sees what u really are, how long do u think u could keep him? if he would leave her so easily someone else could
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