How to Get a Married Man to Leave His Wife?


There are women that believe there are ways to get a married man to leave his wife. They try to coax a married man away by being overly attentive, or by using sex. Ultimately, if a cheating husband left his wife for you, you need to ask if you could ever trust him.
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AS far as I know married man with a pregnant wife who's having an affair, hardly leave their wife. I guess only one percent of married man do leave their pregnant wife for a reason
You are a side trip for this closeted guy. He wants his cloak of respectability but he wants his inner life satisfied too. You are being very selfish. Think if you were one of his
The divorce rate in
It is for some people, however, I personally don't think it is healthy. Easier to stay angry at the 'other' man/woman than to be angry at the wife/husband who left. Or.....dare I
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