How to Get a Pay Rise?


To get a pay rise, first evaluate yourself and establish why you deserve a rise. Establish exactly how much you ought to be earning and jot down a few pointers that prove your case. Make sure that you have been working hard and have taken up more responsibility around the workplace over the period you have been working. Request for a performance review with your bosses, argue your case realistically and make sure that you have mastered the art of negotiation. Whatever the outcome, be positive and keep smiling.
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1. Research the job market to see what other people in similar positions in your area are earning. This will let you know if what you're seeking is in line with the economy of the
Asking for a pay rise can be difficult. The key is to treat it like a business negotiation, and be well prepared. Have a list ready of your achievements and be able to tell your boss
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The first step before asking for a pay rise is to plan the process. Be realistic in your demands and justify them accordingly. Be confident and make sure not to ...
There is no law governing pay rises and employers are not obligated to give an annual pay rise. In most employment contracts, the employer usually state that any ...
You can write a pay rise proposal by outlining the reasons to why you need a pay rise and when you want it to be effected. Your proposal should be a formal document ...
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