How do you get a product key to activate Microsoft Word?


According to Microsoft, product keys to the Office suite of programs, which includes Microsoft Word, can be purchased from a Microsoft partner, reseller or at retail locations selling the product. All versions of Office require a product key except for the Office 365 Enterprise edition.

Activation keys consist of a unique code containing 25 letters and numbers. Activation of Microsoft Office requires an online connection as well as the product key. If a user loses a key, a replacement can be obtained by contacting the retailer, Microsoft partner or reseller that sold the user the original key, or by purchasing a new key.

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1. Look for the key. If Windows Vista came pre-installed with your computer, the manufacturer may have taped a copy of the product key to the top, sides, back or bottom of your CPU,
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That sounds like a trial version that is or was good for 25 uses or 60 days. At the end of that time it stops letting you edit your files or create new ones. You have to purchase
Contacting Microsoft directly is the best way to get a product key for Microsoft Word.
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