How to Make a Scratched PS2 Game Work?


To get a scratched Ps2 game disc to work, put a little warm water on the disc. Then, apply some toothpaste to your cloth. Rub over the scratched area and around it. Rinse the toothpaste off and let the disc to air dry.
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1. Rinse the game disc with warm water. With a clean cloth, wipe the disc from the center to the edge in straight lines. Do not move in a circular motion. This can further damage
Having the game disc polished by a video game discs cleaner.
Go to the closest game shop. They probably have a kind of polishing tool that removes scratches from CD surfaces. You can also buy such a machine. If you frequently scratch your CDs
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How to Get Scratched PS2 Games to Work
Your PS2 console play games that come on a CD. These games tend to experience a lot of wear and tear since they are typically handled by children. When a game CD is scratched, however, there is a simple method to restoring the device. The entire process... More »
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To clean a scratched PS2 game you want to start by breathing hot air on it. Then using a soft shirt, wipe the PS2 game clean. If the scratches are too deep, this ...
A scratched PS2 game can be recovered by cleaning its plastic surface. If the CD is still giving reading errors after cleaning, just polish the CD with toothpaste ...
There are several ways to remove scratches from a PS2 game. A machine can be purchased in which you insert the CD and it will remove the scratches. A home remedy ...
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