How to Get a Totally Free VIN History Report?


Many automotive websites offer free vehicle history reports based on the VIN, but only on the vehicles they are selling. You can get free history reports from some dealers online and off, but to get full report of that particular vehicle, you have to pay.
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1. Visit CarFax's website (see Resources section below) Type the VIN number in the specified box and click "Search. The report will come back with the car's details such as make
If the information is valuable to you than you have to be willing to pay for it. Nothing of value is ever free. If you want this information you have to pay for it. Nobody gives it
You can receive a free CARFAX history report by applying for one on the official CARFAX website. You can also ask for one when looking to purchase a used car at a major dealership.
You can order a free copy of your work record here. Request Social
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