How to Get Air out of Water Pipes?


Removing air from water pipes (also called bleeding air from pipes) is actually fairly simple. You will need a wrench to get the job done. The first step is to turn off your house's main water supply.
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1. Turn on every faucet in the home. This includes the washing machine, outside spigot, and bathroom faucets. 2. Flush all toilets a few times, allowing the water to rush through
1. Place folded towels onto the wet, soapy area of carpet. 2. Stand on the towels to blot up excess moisture. Repeat with dry towels if necessary until you have removed as much moisture
1. Dry the moist parts of the roof by pulling out roofing materials and exposing the moisture to air flow and heat. If sunlight and warmth are not enough to dry the soaked roofing
1. Gently rub white water stain using solvent and steel wool. This activity will loosen any remaining wax from wood fibers, allowing moisture to escape. Always rub wood with the grain
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How to Get Air Out of Water Pipes in the Home
"Air locks" (or bubbles) in your water pipes can occur after a temporary interruption in water pressure from a municipal water supply or replacement of a burned-out water well pump. Air may also get trapped in the plumbing after a new pipe section or... More »
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