How do you get blood stains out of jeans?


You can soak the bloodstains in hydrogen peroxide in order to get bloodstains out of jeans. Next, you can leave the jeans to soak for a bit, sometimes overnight in cold water then wash them.
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1. Put some stain remover on the clothes the minute they get stained. This will increase the odds of the stain going away. Ad. 2. Dab the blood spot with Hydrogen Peroxide. Don't
1. Scrape any dried blood off the clothing item with a dull butter knife. Fill your sink with cold water, and add a capful of heavy-duty liquid detergent. 2. Place the stained clothing
dont put hot water on will set the stain....use ice cold water...simple green will get blood out...spay that on blood scrub with ice water...repeat...most should come out.
you dont get then there in the frist place but bleach.
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To get blood stains out of jeans, soak the jeans in cold water for a couple of hours since this helps loosen the stain. Next, throw the jeans in the washing machine using laundry detergent and a warm rinse cycle.
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