How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of Clothes?


A quick solution for getting that smoke smell out of your clothes is to place them in a dryer with several dryer sheets. Let the clothes tumble in the dryer for about 5 minutes, and the smell should be gone. You may have to use more dryer sheets if the smell is really strong.
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1. Place garment in the dryer. Add one or more dryer sheets to the dryer according to the strength of the smoke smell; use more dryer sheets for a stronger odor. 2. Tumble the garment
1. Pick your clothes out for the next day and put them outside. (Make sure that it is a safe spot such as your fenced backyard or a fresh garage, etc. You wouldn't want your clothes
Any type of smoke attaches to objects because it has extremely clingy little molecular data inside of it. You can rub a particularly pungent flower against your coat but eventually
I bought some clothes off eBay and they had the smell. just spray them with Oust. Works great.
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