How to Get Dried Paint off Concrete?


In order to get dried paint off of concrete, you'll need a paint scraper. You can keep scraping the paint off with the scraper till it is gone. You also can use a commercialized paint stripper.
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1. Use a coarse wire brush and a paint scraper to remove as much paint as possible. Scrubbing with water will help to loosen some of the paint, particularly if it is a water soluble
completely dry. It should be allowed to cure for 4-6 weeks. Treating it with 10% hydrochloric acid, followed by fresh water will give the best adhesion.
1. Determine what kind of painted surface you have. If it's the interior of a house, then you can be pretty sure that it's latex paint. A product called "Goof Off" is available
If you can afford it , a pressure washer will work wonders on paint. Once you
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How to Get Dried Paint Off Concrete
Removing paint from concrete can be a fairly difficult task. There are a few methods available to accomplish the job, but all have to be undertaken with patience and caution. Multiple attempts may be necessary and you have to be careful not to damage the... More »
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