How do you get dried blood out of clothes?


Dried blood should always be washed with cold water. If you have clothes that have stains that are old, or have been run through the dryer the stain may be impossible to remove. Rinse the fabric with hydrogen peroxide or blot it to help dissolve the stain. If necessary, treat with a laundry pre-treater or liquid laundry detergent then wash as usual for the best results.
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The worst part of all - get blood on your clothing. Pour or dab hydrogen peroxide directly on blood spot. Use just enough to cover the stain and slightly extend past the edges. Let
If it is. WHITE. put Hydrogen Peroxide on it and then bleach it, but if its not put Hydrogen peroxide then cold water, then just throw it in the wash with cold water, it has always
more? And get it as fast as you can to the cleaners. Pretreatment of the stain can
Cold water and laundry detergent. :
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