How can low-income families get free baby stuff?


Low income families can obtain supplementary foods through WIC (Women, Infants and Children), which is a Federally funded program with eligibility determined by your State. Your local FreeCycle or Craigslist may have listings for clothing, formula and other items for babies. Letting friends and family know what you are looking for can be helpful, as they may know someone who is looking to give away things their infant has outgrown.
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1. Contact your county health department or department of health and human services and request to speak with a maternal support services agent. Ask if the agency offers free baby
If you're looking for free eye exam, visit VISION USA™. It provides free eye exams to eligible, low-income working families who have no vision insurance, allowing more than
It depends on the state that you are in. Some
You may have noticed on TV the ads for free cell phones for low income families. These are becoming popular these days since many families cannot afford the expensive cell phone plans
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How to Get Free Baby Stuff for Low Income Families
Some people take it for granted that every family is able to provide basic items for their babies, such as clothing, blankets and bottles. In addition to financial support, many families need assistance obtaining baby supplies and food for their babies.... More »
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Free items for low income families can be found online through free recycling sites, as well as in the "free" listings in the local paper. There are ...
The United States government has developed poverty guidelines and thresholds that are used to determine if a family is considered "low income" for various ...
The government attempts to help low income families in a variety of ways. It does this through the medicaid program, grants, public assistance and housing vouchers ...
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