How can I get free beauty product samples?


To get free beauty product samples, you should visit your department store beauty and cosmetics counter as some stores have adverts with free treatments. Also try out fragrances from the perfume section of the store and ask the salesperson for free perfumes or colognes to try at home. You can also ask speciality drug shops for free samples of beauty products or look through magazines. You can also check the websites of the beauty product companies themselves and also visit brand boutiques at the mall. Look for for online websites that recommend free beauty product samples.
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1. Free product samples are out there and they are easy to get. Some items are easier to get than others. Some stores and websites list the items they are offering to sample for free
There is website after website where you can get free product samples. Sometime there will be a shipping and handling charge, so always look out for that. Give Us Free Stuff is a
You can contact the manufacturer and ask if they have samples. I've done this before. There are also several web sites that catalog various free samples, for which you can apply.
http://freebeautysamples.product-samples…. has a lot of free beauty samples.
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How to Get Free Beauty Product Samples
Free stuff! Not much more has to be said to raise enthusiasm. All it takes is a couple clicks or some legwork to get samples of your favorite products.... More »
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