How to Get Free Cell Phone Minutes?


Many companies offer free cell phone minutes (or bundles) when you purchase a phone, sign a contract, or add minutes to your phone. It's worth checking into, because sometimes you come across a substantial savings.
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There is a program that will give you a free cell phone with minutes a month, you have to be receiving some type of goverment assistance to qualify, other than that I don't know of
1. Purchase a new prepaid cell phone. You will often receive more minutes by purchasing the cell phone and minutes together rather than by buying the prepaid cell phone minutes alone
yes but no it depends on what phone company you have.
1 Get a good cell phone and a good network. (This means less lost calls and calling over and over,etc.) Ad 2 Don't put your kids on the "plan"! Are you crazy? Get them a
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To get free cell phone minutes you could call your cell phone provider and ask then if they are running any specials on minutes. Sometimes tell will have access ...
Shoppers can get 20 free minutes from Krogers for purchasing $100 worth of groceries. However, there is a limit of 1500 minutes a month and is only available at ...
Minutes That you can use anytime, not just necessarily on nights and weekends. ...
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