How to Get Free Tracfone Minutes?


The best way to get free minutes with TracFone Wireless is to buy one of the phones that comes with double minutes for life of the phone. This way if you purchase a 200 unit card you will get 400 units automatically. You should also sign up for email
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1. Register your TracFone from its official website (see Resources) Input your current contact information, including name, address and date of birth. Create a secure account by entering
who ever has a tracfone, give me your numbers.
The only way to get free Tracfone minutes is through your workplace, usually in
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To get free Tracfone minutes one needs to buy a ''double minutes' card and log on to the Tracfone website which is ...
You can get free Tracfone minutes by using a Double Minutes card. It doubles your minutes on purchase. You can also search online to find their offers, discounts ...
TracFone is a prepaid cell phone company that offers monthly plans. TracFone has been receiving many complaints of stolen minutes on their customer's phones. To ...
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