How to Get Gas Smell off Hands?


There are a couple of options for removing the smell of gas off hands. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Follow this up by rubbing toothpaste all over hands, scrubbing and rinsing or washing hands once more with vinegar.
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Cut a fresh lemon and rub the juice all over your hands. Allow the juice to remain on your hands for a few minutes and then wash with a good bar soap and rinse with plenty of warm
1. Cut a lemon into pieces and use them to rub on your hands and other parts where the fish has touched. The natural oils and acid in the lemon juice are quite effective at removing
This is hard to do because it will not really come out completely until a few days have passed. But you can try a bath in tomato juice this will help greatly.
1. Wash your hands with soap and water. Before attempting an alternative remedy, it is best to try to eliminate the smell by washing with hand soap and water. Always use cold water
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How to Get the Smell of Gas off Hands
Gasoline is an oil-based product. When it is spilled on skin, the gasoline partly evaporates and leaves the oily residue that smells of gasoline. The smell is difficult to remove, but try using these tips for quickly getting the smell of gas off your... More »
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