How to Get High off Nutmeg?


There are different methods one may use to get off high Nutmeg, like the use of sedation that has benzodiazepines, and charcoal to reduce universal absorption in the body. You should consult an expert to get a favourable recommend to deal with it.
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Dont, it is a very dangerous deleriant, its bad for the liver. look into moring glory for lsa, or yopo for bufotenin. nutmeg poisoning can last for days and is generally not pleasant
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pack it into 13 gel capsules and swallow all with a beverage. it's like being on a slow thc buzz.makes eyes puffy and red and high lasts 6-8 hours. the the drug MYRISTIC causes it
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You can swallow 1-2 teaspoons (depending on your weight so you don't overdose) with a lot of water. Taking nutmeg for any other purpose than on your food can be very dangerous and possibly fatal.
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