How to Get High Off of Duct Tape?


Of all the things that duct tape and be used for from home remedies to quick fixes around the house, getting high is not on the list. Some state it can be smoked but rather than smoke it more or less melts.
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1. Peel off as much of the duct tape as possible. 2. Drench a paper towel with white vinegar. Open the paper towel and press over the duct tape. The moisture allows the paper towel
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1. Wipe dirt off the area if the glass is outside. Although you will be cleaning the area anyway, this may make the process faster and leave less of a dirty mess on the surrounding
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The ingredients in Duct tape include cloth tape, poly-ethylene resin, and a rubber based adhesive. Because Duct tape has a fabric backing, it is extremely strong ...
Duct tape is a strong, all-purpose disc tape that is reinforced with fabric and not water proof. The tape is only water resistant as it can withstand water to ...
Duct tape is made from cotton mesh, which forms the base of the tape and gives it strength and lets the tape to be torn in both directions. It is also made from ...
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