How to Get High Off of Duct Tape?


Of all the things that duct tape and be used for from home remedies to quick fixes around the house, getting high is not on the list. Some state it can be smoked but rather than smoke it more or less melts.
Q&A Related to "How to Get High Off of Duct Tape?"
1. Wash the car or the area over the adhesive to remove all dirt particles and debris. You don't need to dry the area. Make sure the surface of the car is cool before proceeding.
If you burn the duct tape it is possible you may get high from the fumes or covering your face with it - both are very dangerous and not recommended. report this answer. Updated on
Plastic can be "eaten" very fast by a lot of removers. Before
apply some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or use a pre soaked alcohol pad and rub on the sticky surface.
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