How do I get in shape in three days?


You can't get in shape in three days, but you can start. Stop eating any junk food or sugar. Drink lots of water. Get at least one hour or more of exercise each day. Work out with weights for an even faster result.
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Getting in shape and 3 days mostly if your have a large body and excess fats can be hard. But you may still try to do some exercise or go to gym for 3 days. And start taking a healthy diet.
To get into shape in three days would be very impossible, but you can get into shape over time. You will need to drink water, exercise, watch your calorie intake.
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You probably won't see a lot of weight loss in 3 days. If you started an exercise and diet program then your body will likely still be adjusting. You can lose ...
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To get in shape in 30 days, sit down with a trainer and/or dietitian and come up with a plan. This plan should include a diet low in calories, high in proteins ...
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