How to Get in Touch with a Celebrity?


Look up the celebrity's official web page on the Internet, it's possible to find an up-to-date contact address there. Or join Twitter or Facebook and write them a message, it's possible for them to answer back your messages if they have time for it. Also, you can become a journalist.
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How to Get in Touch With a Celebrity
With the development of social media and other communication technology, it's become easier to communicate with celebrities who used to be out of reach for normal people. Celebrities tend to be busy and travel often, so determining where they are and how... More »
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1. Check the celebrity's website. Most public figures will have a website of some sort, and these should be your first point of call when trying to get in contact. The website may
You need to contact Twitter via this form: Here's a Mashable background story on verified accounts: Embed Quote
whoopi goldberg, phil jackson, and jesse james
Try to find a public event that they will be a part of, and
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To get in touch with celebrities one way is to use the program twitter. Many celebrities have twitter accounts and like to 'tweet'(talk) with their fans. All you ...
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