How to Get Ink Flowing in Gel Pens?


Ink gel pens are prone to drying out, especially when they are left unused or with their caps off for any amount of time. To get the ink flowing in gel pens again, try rubbing the tip of the pen against your finger then run the tip through a cigarette lighter a couple of times. Test to see if it works. If not, wet the tip of the gel pen a little and then test again.
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1. Remove the lid from your gel pen. 2. Tap the nose of the pen on a sheet of paper. 3. Draw small circles onto the sheet of paper. If ink does not flow from the pen, move on to Step
keep drawing it on junk paper to see if it works.
1. Open up the pen. You can do this by pinching the end and pulling. It can be tricky though. Ad. 2. Put ONE drop of water down the tube. 3. Blow hard through the tube for about 20 Its quite cheap and easily available online! Embed
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How to Get Ink Flowing in Gel Pens
Gel pens are a very popular utensil for writing and drawing. The ink usually flows through the pens very smoothly, giving off a loud, bold texture. The main drawback to gel pens is that they are prone to drying out. Because the gel in the pens is made of... More »
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If your gel pen is not working properly,and you know you have ink it in, you can try this simple solution. Get a match or a lighter and hold the flame to the tip of the pen for just a second.
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