How can you get ink out of fabric?


According to Clorox, ink can be removed from white or colored fabrics by pretreating the items with a solvent-based laundry detergent. For whites, follow up with a hot water wash using bleach. For colors, follow up with a warm to hot water wash using a color-safe bleach product.

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1. Moisten an absorbent cotton ball with denatured alcohol, and blot the area surrounding the ink stain to prevent the ink from bleeding and spreading. 2. Stack several fresh paper
Try 91% Isopropyl Alcohol on a paper towel. Put a dry paper towel behind the stain, then blot it with the wet paper towel on the other side. Do NOT rub the stain or you might spread
step 1, spray thge ink stain with a lot of hairspray then take some pepper towels and dab gently. step 2, you will not get it all, so quickly put it into the wash with normal detergent
1. Place the stained fabric over a container, old towel or the sink. Pour enough full-strength hydrogen peroxide over the stain to cover the stain. 2. Allow the peroxide to foam and
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The answer to your question what can you use to remove a blue ink mark from silk shantung fabric is to dab it with a little bit of rubbing alcohol, do not rub. ...
The solution used to remove ink from a piece of fabric is dependent on the type of fabric and the type of ink. Water based inks can be removed using heavy duty ...
Rubbing alcohol may be used to remove ink from fabrics and surfaces. Make sure you have adequate ventilation and use some elbow grease to rub away the stain. ...
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