How to Get Iron Marks off Clothes?


You can get rid of iron marks on the clothes by applying plain soda as soon as you notice the stain and letting it soak in the fabric. Next, place an absorbent pad underneath the mark and then start blotting from the edge of the mark to the centre. Another way that you can use to remove vinegar is by using vinegar where you will use the same method.
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1. Warm the iron on a low setting. Work on an ironing board or a folded dry rag on an iron-safe counter. Unplug the iron before cleaning. 2. Scrape any chunk of debris from the iron
First make sure the iron is unplugged and cold. Then with some warm soapy water and a soft nylon body polisher the typeyou use in the shower to get rid of dead skin or sponge or a
sandra k - says to use peroxide. this will work if the stain is not too dark or too deep into the fabric.. you will need to pour some peroxide onto the stain let it sit for a while
1. Add hot water to the pan until it reaches just above the burnt-on food. If the food sticks to the bottom of the cast-iron pan, add 2 inches of water. 2. Place the pan on the stove
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