How to Get Iron Marks off Clothes?


You can get rid of iron marks on the clothes by applying plain soda as soon as you notice the stain and letting it soak in the fabric. Next, place an absorbent pad underneath the mark and then start blotting from the edge of the mark to the centre. Another way that you can use to remove vinegar is by using vinegar where you will use the same method.
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1. Turn the clothing with the iron-on patch inside out. Lay the clothing so the underside of the patch faces up on the ironing board. Turn the iron on. Place the heat setting in accordance
1 Put a few drops of lemon juice on the stain. (Hopefully your stain is a small area.) Ad 2 Sprinkle some table salt on the lemon juice. 3 Scrub the area together or use a small soft
sandra k - says to use peroxide. this will work if the stain is not too dark or too deep into the fabric.. you will need to pour some peroxide onto the stain let it sit for a while
1. Fill an empty spray bottle with equal parts hot water and white vinegar. 2. Spray the drip stains and wait for about 10 minutes. 3. Wet a clean cloth with white vinegar and use
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