How do you get lint off of clothes?


Mary Marlowe Leverette of recommends re-washing with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar added to the rinse water for items that have excessive lint after washing. Place the items in a dryer with a couple of microfiber cloths, and tumble until slightly damp.

Distilled white vinegar relaxes clothing fibers, loosening their grip on pieces of lint. Microfiber cloths naturally attract lint, making the fabric the perfect target for any stray or loosened lint pieces.

If clothes still have lint after re-washing, use a clothes brush or sticky lint roller to remove the remaining pieces. Heavy-duty packing tape wrapped around the fingers or applied in long strips also removes lint. Wait until the fabric is completely dry before using a lint roller or packing tape. Damp clothing decreases lint rollers' effectiveness because water makes the tape less sticky.

Prevent lint by sorting clothes according to how much lint they shed. Chenille bedspreads, corduroy and other plush fabrics, cotton, knit items, linen clothes and linens, lint receivers, natural fibers, rugs, synthetic or man-made fibers, and terry cloth towels, robes and shirts are excessive lint shedders. Avoid overloading the washer, and clean the lint filters of older washing machines to minimize lint. Empty lint filters from dryers regularly, and keep the dryer hoses and outside vents clean.

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