How to Get Manaphy?


Manaphy is only available in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum version. He is a generation four pokemon only. You can get him from a Pokemon Ranger in either Fiore or Almia
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Are you wondering how you can get the Manaphy egg from your Pokemon game, perhaps to transfer it to your Diamond or Pearl game? Well, there is a handy tutorial that will tell you just how to do it!
To get a Manaphy, you need to complete Pokemon Ranger to access the Ranger Net page. On the main page of Ranger Net, access the password panel by pressing L, R, Y, X, A, B and the left arrow on the d-pad. When the box comes up, enter P8M2-9D6F-43H7. Manaphy was also available at a Toys R Us event.
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Manaphy is a legendary Pokemon that is very special. It is 80% water and its special move, only known by Manaphy, is called Heart Swap. To get a Manaphy it must be hatched and can't
1. In Pokemon Ranger, once you've defeated the Go-Rock Squad, you can access the Ranger Net on the main screen. While there, hold the R and X button and the left button on the D-pad
1 First, you need an Action Replay, which are sold in video game shops worldwide. Ad 2 Insert the Action Replay and turn on the Manaphy Egg Code cheat. 3 While walking into any Pokemart
It's with the mail man guy at the Poke Mart. just to go talk to him and have a space in your pokemon inventory. Source(s) for more info.
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To get the manaphy egg in the Pokémon ranger complete and continue the mission first then later you will acquire a new feature on the title screen then, ...
1. Complete the "Pokemon Ranger" game. Return to the title menu and select "Ranger Net. 2. Select the option "Play a special mission. PokeZam ...
It is not possible to get Manaphy without an event or Pokemon Ranger. You must send over an egg from Ranger after level 1 if you want to get Manaphy. ...
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