How to Get Marijuana Out With Niacin?


There are people who say you can get marijuana out of your system faster with niacin. This is not true. All it will do is make you turn red and burn up.
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As far as I know, you cannot get marijuana out with niacin. I know a few people who have claimed taking large amounts of niacin will detoxify the body. There is no way it could to it so quickly, however.
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it wont.
You were misinformed. Niacin does produce a "flush" which is much more like a hot flash. Its caused by a prostaglandin (a neuroendocrine messenger) cascade that is initiated
The niacin flush and detoxification can take up to three weeks
Not Medical/Legal Advice: There is no evidence that supports the theory niacin can speed up the process of flushing your system of illegal drugs.
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