How to Get Milk Smell out of Carpet?


Spilled milk that begins to sour in your carpet can fill your room with a nasty smell. Baking soda is a magical and cheap cleaning product that can safe your carpet and freshen your home. Sprinkle the soiled area generously with baking soda, allow to stand for a few hours and then vacuum.
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1. Lay paper towels over the chocolate milk stain. As each towel absorbs the milk, toss it out and replace it with another towel. Continue to wick out the chocolate milk in this manner
Scrape as much of the glue off the carpet as you can, then blot with towels while the glue is wet. Use vinegar to continue to clean the carpet. For more information, look here:
Pet Oder eliminator works great.
Same thing happened to me on our weekly shopping trip,took me ages to find were the stink emanated from. Tried all sorts of cleaning remedy's,none worked,so in the end i took carpet
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How to Get a Milk Smell Out of the Carpet
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To get rid of the smell of sour milk on your carpet, use warm water and some detergent to clean up the area. Then, scrub it thoroughly and sock the place in white ...
There are several remedies to remove spilt milk odors from carpeting that include baking soda and deodorizer powders. If the spill has penetrated through to the ...
Pour baking soda onto the area from which the fish smell odor is concentrated. Then use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum away the baking soda, Soak the carpet with standard ...
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