How to Get Musty Smell out of Basement?


You might want to open a few windows to circulate the air in the basement. Installing a de-humidifier will also help to get rid of musty smells. Run it all year round.
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Ventilate. Too much moisture is the cause of musty basements, and a couple of open windows at opposite ends of the area may provide adequate cross-ventilation to air out the smell
To clean musty smelling towels you might want to just throw them back in the washer and then put them in a dryer with a good smelling dryer sheet.
I know that my grandmother has been using mothballs in her basement for years, they have a scent of their own that might aggitate some people and you shouldn't put them down if you
I had the same problem in my present house, and also our cottage that had a full basement! Here is what I did: Purchase "Muriatic Acid" either from a big box / hardware
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There are several things you can do for a musty smell. You can air out the area or deep clean the carpet. You can also clean the concrete under the carpet. ...
I have found that the best way to get the musty smell out of clothes from a damp basement is to add Borax to the wash. It is a laundry booster that only costs ...
The most common cause of a damp, musty smell in the basement is mold and mildew. The musty smell can drift up from the basement and invade your entire house. Mold ...
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