How to Get My Boyfriend to Ask Me to Marry Him?


You cannot get your boyfriend to ask you to marry him. Instead, you can have serious talks and let him know that you are ready for marriage. You will then have to be patient and wait for him to be ready and ask
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This is what I did. I walked up to my boifriend Kalan. Said I have to do something to you. He said what ? I said kiss you and the have you propose to me if I kiss you. I kissed him
1. Make sure you're ready for the commitment of marriage and you're proposing for the right reasons. For example, don't propose just because your friends are getting married, your
If your goal is to be married, don't wait for your boyfriend. I'll bet
If you tell your boyfriend that you are not comfortable talking about that and yet, he still asks you over and over, then you two have significant differences and your relationship
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