How to Get My GED Online?


GED tests cannot be taken online, they have to be taken at a testing center. However, you can study and prepare for the test at home, then register to take the class at a testing center. You can find more information here:
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1. Take a practice test. This is usually offered through various GED websites like You will be tested on high school subjects such as social studies, science, writing, reading
GED Institute is the best online GED test prep program; they offer self-paced Unlimited GED Practice Tests for a very reasonable fee (
Basics of Preparing for the GED Online: If you want to increase your eligibility for jobs and college entrance, consider preparing for the GED online. Many websites offer exam guide
You can visit the website to both study and complete the
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How to Get My GED Online
Getting a General Education Diploma (GED) is a challenging but rewarding way to gain the equivalent of a high school diploma. To begin the process, you must register with the adult education office in your local school district. After taking a screening... More »
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As of 2014, the GED is not available online. It is a computer-based exam that must be taken at a testing center. There are 1700 testing sites spread throughout ...
Yes, you can get your GED scores online. You simply need to go to the American Council on education website. You can also get them from your local testing center ...
No. It is not possible to take the GED test online. You have to go to a testing center approved by the test makers. It is possible to study for the GED online. ...
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