How to Get Nail Polish out of Fabric?


To get nail polish out of fabric, use a nail polish remover. Dab it onto the stain and then blot the stain. After which, apply some detergent to the stain and then wash it. For more information look here:;
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How to Get Nail Polish Out of Fabric
Maybe you were painting your nails on the couch, and the bottle spilled. Or maybe your little Picasso found your stash of polish and began decorating everything in the house with your favorite fire engine red nail polish. Either way, you have a lot of... More »
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To remove nail polish from fabric, first try and peel it off. Make sure your fabric is colorfast, then apply nail polish remover to a soft cloth and rub the stain. Rinse immediately
1. Lay out a clean white rag on a solid surface. Place the stained viscose fabric on top of the rag. 2. Dip a white rag in acetone. Blot the stain with the rag. 3. Rinse the stained
Removing nail polish from fabric can be done but may need to include some patience. It depends on the fabric as to what works best and won't ruin the fabric. Many household items
1 Place the stained fabric facedown on a few paper towels. The part of the fabric that is stained should be against the paper towels. Use this method whether the nail polish is wet
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You need to use non acetone nail polish remover to get the polish off of fabric. Simply soak some into a towel, then blot the fabric to get the polish off. Repeat ...
Most of the time you can simply use nail polish remover to get the stain out of the clothes. Be careful to only use non-acetone remover. ...
You need to get non acetone nail polish remover so you do not damage the fabric. Pour the nail polish remover where the polish is, then blot until the nail polish ...
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