How to Get Netflix on Wii?


It's quite easy to watch Netflix streaming content through your Wii. Just go to the Wii menu and download and install the Netflix application from the Wii Shop Channel. Then follow the simple on screen instructions. You'll be watching steaming movies and television shows in no time!
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1. Select the "Wii Shop" channel on the Wii's main menu and choose "Start. 2. Select "Start Shopping" and choose "Wii Channels. 3. Select "Netflix
1. Connect your Wii to the internet. Internet connection options can be found in the “Wii Connection Settings” menu. The ”Connection Settings” menu can be
Just go on and order a wii streaming disk the when you receive it insert on your wii and then select a movie or a show easy eh? Unlike the top answer,
First you need to buy a Netflix instant streaming subscription. You can go to and click start free trial; it'll ask you for your credit card information and such. After
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