How to Get on Facebook at School?


The reason you cannot access Face book at school is your school has blocked that site by its URL. The way around this is to bypass the schools block, and in order to do this you need to find a proxy surfer. A proxy works by allowing you to surf anonymously, so that the blocker does not even know you are using the school's internet, therefore it won't prevent you from accessing any site at all. However, it is important for you to observe the school's rules and regulations.
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1 Connect to your school's internet. You have two options: If you notice that the computers are plugged into the wall with ethernet cables (like those that are used on telephone landlines
1. Point your Internet browser to the Facebook sign-up page. 2. Go to the "Sign Up" section on the right side of the page and enter your name and email. You can use any
you can use a proxy from if the security system even lets you go on it proxy dontwork its blocked !!!!!!!
Most schools and workplaces block. social networking. sites such as Facebook because of safety concerns. However, sometimes there are valid reasons why you need to get on Facebook
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A quick solution is to use a proxy site. Visit one of the proxy sites, and type the address. It is te. also a way to visit other blocked pages. For the list of proxy sites, try to find them by a search engine.
You can get on Facebook at school the same way that you would get on at home. Simply, make your account and enter all the required information in the blank field. Once you do that, you can login to Facebook at school.
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