How do I get on Facebook when it's blocked?


When facebook has been blocked you can open access it by using an IP address by opening the command prompt and typing PING FACEBOOK.COM and then entering the IP address in the browser address bar.
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. All you have to do on these websites is type in the website that you want to go to in the space provided click Go and you've bypassed the proxy. However do keep in mind that if
1. Sign in to your Facebook account if you aren't already logged in. Open the “Account” menu in the upper right corner of any Facebook page by clicking on the menu button
If it's been blocked then you will have to access it from somewhere else.
1. Locate a recent post made by your friend in the news feed. The news feed is the page where you see all your friends' recent activity. 2. Place the cursor over the post and look
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If Facebook is blocked through a hosts file on your computer you can type notepad c:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts into the 'Run' box from your Start Menu, and ...
Facebook is blocked because it is considered a bad site by your network administrator's Internet filter. Use a proxy website to get around it if you can find one ...
Facebook was launched in February 2004 by Mr. Zuckerberg, who was a student studying psychology at Harvard University. The 'Facebook', as it was originally known ...
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