How to Get Out Lipstick Stains?


Rubbing alcohol should get rid of lipstick stains. Don't use too much or press down too hard when you're using it. A good back up would be hairspray, which has been used for years to make lipstick stains disappear.
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To remove lipstick first try alcohol, moistening and then dabbing with a clean cloth.Do not rub as the stain could smear. Follow with a mild detergent like Dawn. For more information
While most cosmetic products do not ruin your shirt, it is a safe bet to treat the lipstick stain as soon as possible. When you are out and do not have the necessary equipment to
I washed some jeans along with my blouses. My jeans had the lipstick in my jeans pocket which i didnt realize. After clothes washed i put in dryer. All my clothes had spots of lipstick
It was made by Fabergé in the 1960s. Wish they would resurrect it.
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The next time you discover lipstick on your favorite shirt don't panic. Try this simple solution for a quick fix. In a spray bottle mix together equal parts ...
Blotting is the key to removing lipstick from the carpet. Blot the lipstick with a wet cloth, then pour hydrogen peroxide on the lipstick. Let it sit a few minutes ...
Lipstick stains are a pain, but you may be able to ease that pain by trying this homemade solution. Mix together equal parts water, liquid dish soap and clear ...
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