How to Get over a Married Man?


To get over a married man will take time. Either moving or changing your phone number will help. Taking time for yourself will make it easier. Be kind to yourself for it does take time.
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1. Cut off all contact. Avoid texting, phoning or emailing the married man. Limit social gatherings or work-related affairs with him whenever possible, if you both travel in the same
Well you need to be where rich men would be. You need to socialize with those who you know are wealthy and there is a chance you could meet your dream guy and marry him.
To figure out how to ask a man to marry you, you need to take the time to craft such a proposal or request. A proposal is a huge step in a person's life; the more time and thought
There is no true way to win a married man. Even if you are able to get him to leave his wife you still won't have won. You will have destroyed a family and you will never feel secure
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