How to Get Paint off Brick?


To get paint off brick, start by cleaning the bricks on the surface using hairdryer set. Apply professional strength cleaning product and then use trisodium phosphate to get rid of any remaining paint.
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1. Fill a pressure washer with brick wash liquid, and spray the surface of the bricks using the pressure washer on medium-high. The power of the soapy water will scour the bricks,
Easiest way is to use muratic acid and a pressure washer with a 15 degree nozzle. Wear eye protection. :
Maybe try paint thinner I am not positive. But, you can still try it. Or if that does not work you can always try to use dry ice blasting. This is often compared to sandblasting,
1. Sand the excess paint off the walls using 150-grit sandpaper. The sandpaper will grind through the excess paint quickly, even if it has had ample time to harden. To sand the area
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