How to Get Paint out of Jeans?


More often than not you can actually use rubbing alcohol to remove paint stains from jeans. I spent last year painting houses and this trick worked wonders. I found that you can use hand sanitizer as well. Very cool!
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1. Figure out what kind of paint is on your blue jeans. It could be Latex or oil paint. You can find this information on the paint can. 2. Run your jeans under warm water if it's
If it's dry then u can't. If wet try White spirit/turps then neat washing up liquid follow by normal wash.
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1. Scrape off any dried fabric paint with a butter knife. 2. Place the underside of the paint stain under a running faucet and flush the stain with warm water. 3. Mix together one
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To get paint out of jeans you will need some odorless turpentine. Pour a generous amount on the paint and scrub vigorously with a stiff-bristled brush. Then wash the jeans in the hottest water they can tolerate.
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