How to Get Paint out of Jeans?


More often than not you can actually use rubbing alcohol to remove paint stains from jeans. I spent last year painting houses and this trick worked wonders. I found that you can use hand sanitizer as well. Very cool!
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1. Set up this project outdoors. Ad. 2. Gather your. jeans. latex paint, a thin paintbrush and a rough brush. 3. Place your materials on a grassy area. 4. Put numerous folds in your
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The Brooklyn Art Museum has some Basquiat and the Whitney does too. I'm not sure if the MoMA does, but you may want to check.
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To get paint out of jeans you will need some odorless turpentine. Pour a generous amount on the paint and scrub vigorously with a stiff-bristled brush. Then wash the jeans in the hottest water they can tolerate.
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